Dispelling lies about Rap and Hip-Hop | Changing views one mind at a time

Rap and Hip-Hop as a genre are about expressions and thoughts. They do not promote anything neither do they stereotype particular sects of society. Those who believe that these genres do, are being narrow minded with just the views of a few artists and in particular, a few songs. How can you summarize two genres of music based solely on a handful of artists and songs? Did you even wait and listen to other tracks of the same artists you push around as being promoters of violence and sexism before making such tall claims?




Here at Bambu.la we aim at dispelling myths related to music in general and Rap/Hip-Hop in particular. Music is the soul of life and a means of communication. It is an excellent medium to discuss pressing issues in today’s world just as much as it is about talking smack! One artist’s composition can never speak on an entire genre of music. So, take a stand today against those who speak out against music no matter the genre. What then remains the difference between you and the Taliban who ban music because it is breeds unrest???

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Never thought Rap could involve insurance did you? Well, from health care to motor trade insurance – there are enough innovative ways that insurance companies have taken the help of rap to make their point. Music has always been an integral component of advertisements but to actually make a rap video as an advertisement is entirely something else. Here are a few innovative ways in the last couple of years that insurance companies used Rap music videos (original or auto-tuned) to great effect. Washington Health Benefit Exchange created a rap video featuring fictional rap characters talking about health care and insurance, its benefits and interviewing various real-life patients on what insurance means to them and how their lives changed after taking up a health insurance. [&hellip

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